The Geography of a Novel

THE GEOGRAPHY OF A NOVEL   The setting of my thriller A Bridge to Treachery is deeply rooted in the geography of the Hudson River Valley stretching from Newburg, New York, a town on the Hudson River north of West Point all the way south to Manhattan. I used actual locations because this … Continue reading

Memoir Shorts – Butterfield

"C'mon out to Butterfield with me. You'll like it," Johnny says. After school, we amble down to 47th Street at the north end of town and stand on the corner with our thumbs out. Can’t predict who’ll stop for us, so we thumb everyone.   Butterfield is four miles out of Westmont–a … Continue reading

Memoir Shorts – Mustangs

Church was fun, especially the parts that weren't churchy. I got my first sports uniform when I joined the Westmont Methodist basketball team. We all agreed that our color was red which meant we all had to buy red shorts. The rest of the outfit, well...varied by man. My uniform was an undershirt, … Continue reading